Monday, July 23, 2018: DOW, NASDAQ Down, Mixed Day, 2nd Day Losses

DOW -47.33—-NASDAQ -19.69—-SP500 -1.20—-NYSE +1.81

Portfolio Leaders: SHOP, GOOG, ISRG, DNKN
Portfolio Laggards: SDR, IQ, AMZN

Stocks were taking a 2nd day of losses this morning, continuing from last Friday, although stocks began mixed at the opening bell, we are now slighter further into the red at this point.

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Thursday, June 12, 2018: Stock Market Set to Bounce Back from Yesterday

DOW +126.99—-NASDAQ +30.77—-SP500 +14.32—-NYSE +70.19

Portfolio Leaders: SHOP, ISRG, AAPL
Portfolio Laggards: NFLX, BGS, WWE

Within half an hour after the opening bell, market indexes are in the green so far with a strong opening after a day in the red.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018: Nice Two Day Summer Rally, Stocks and Weather Are Hot!

DOW +143.07—-NASDAQ +3.00—-SP500 +9.67—-NYSE +37.71

Portfolio Winners: BA, T, V
Portfolio Losers: STOR, BGS, WWE

I bought new stocks, and I’m not surprised that they were today’s losers. We have had a great 2 day Summer rally and are we worried about tomorrow? Not me.

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Friday, June 6, 2018: New Trading Setup and a Good Rally

DOW +99.74—-NASDAQ +101.96—-SP500 +23.21—-NYSE +79.67

Portfolio Winners: SHOP, NFLX, ISRG
Portfolio Laggards: BGS, CAT, T

Once again the markets were highly volatile, yet somehow ended well into the plus side. So, I’m always happy that we end the week on a high note.

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Sunday, July 1, 2018: Pre-Market Notes, New Active Trading Setup

I was more than content rocking Think or Swim on my Macbook Pro. To me, TOS does have a rather steep learning curve. And the customization possibilities seem to be endless, which is what makes TOS difficult to tweak to suit your trading needs.

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