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    Sunday Research: A Look at Top Performing Stocks & ETFs

    I’ve been collecting data on some of the top performing stocks on Wall St.

    I do this to test some of the best stocks for growth and dividends.

    It’s nice to research some emerging markets like Solar Power and Drone Technology, but it’s of vital importance to have a core group of stocks that will continue to perform through good times as well as hard times.

  • U.S. Currency
    Thoughts on Portfolio Strategy and Aggressive Trading

    I’m taking the opportunity tonight (on a Saturday evening) to analyze my trading and investment strategy.

    I want to share my current overall strategy because:

    1. By doing this I believe I can improve and clarify my overall strategy.

    2. There is always room for improvement somewhere, and I did an analysis on SigFig and they say that I’m overly invested in U.S. stocks and I need to put some of the portfolio into Bonds.

  • stock performance
    The Amazon Effect, Trump, and Investing in Stocks

    Surely, you must have read by now that Amazon posted 34% growth in revenue for Q3 earnings. And the stock jumped up +11% and more than $110 per share in this morning’s trading session…

    This is stellar news!

  • U.S. Currency
    Caterpillar and 3M Gaps Up This Morning

    It was a pleasant surprise that Caterpillar (CAT) had gapped up this morning, and two days after posting dividends.

    3M (MMM) also gapped up, but I don’t have any shares, and I’ll have to wait until it gets closer to its 52-week low. I’d love to get into some shares at the right time. But then again, I’m still on the hunt for better performers.

  • U.S. Currency
    Ramblings of a Zen Trader and Wandering Musician

    My goal is to be able to trade stocks in the mornings and gig at night as a musician.

    Of course, there is some flexibility in this, as if I have a busy week of gigging, then I will adjust on the stock trading in the mornings.


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