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  • Buddy Rich
    Buddy Rich’s Most Technically Brilliant Drum Solo?

    Buddy Rich: Greatest Drummer Ever Buddy Rich is arguably the greatest drummer that ever lived. I’ve seen a LOT of Buddy Rich drum solos on the web already, but I came upon this one I hadn’t seen before, and it is simply amazing! I can tell this drum solo

  • Big Time Operator: A Bygone Era

    It’s hard to believe it’s been roughly 10 years now, since the time this photo was taken, sometime during the Big Time Operator days!

  • Tonight at the Arterra Restaurant

    Lately, I’ve been notoriously bad when it comes to promoting my gigs, so I’m going to mention a last minute gig I have tonight with Nena Anderson at the Arterra Restaurant in Del Mar, California. I’ll be filling in for the quartet’s drummer, Andy Robillard.

  • Peter Pavone @ Little Italy

    I had the pleasure of drumming for Peter Pavone‘s band yesterday at The Sicilian Festival in Littly Italy… great event, thousands of people. A lot of fun performing with some really great musicians, and with Peter Pavone doing his very cool tribute to Frank Sinatra… always great music to

  • Nena anderson at the Old Venice Restaurant

    Did a gig last night at the Old Venice Restaurant, playing drums for vocalist Nena Anderson. It was my first time performing here. James Forstan was on keyboards, and kicking bass. It was noisy and crowded, but a lot of fun. Nena Anderson is a great vocalist, mixing it

  • Daily Yoga Routines

    I’ve been doing really well with the yoga lately. With exception to yesterday, when I felt rather tired and needed a rest, but other than that, the past couple of weeks have been consistent with daily yoga practice and meditation… at least 1 hour duration. Today, I did yoga


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