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  • Donald Trump
    Will Trump Take Credit for Today’s Downward Market?

    If you’ve studied Trump’s twitter feed, you noticed that when something goes wrong, he blames others. But, when something goes right, he takes credit for it. When he is critiqued by the so-called liberal media, he simply calls it fake news. But the fact remains that he generates his own fake news, and at the very least, he exaggerates certain claims, like taking credit for the stock market when it’s doing well.

  • Donald Trump
    Being True to Ourselves and to Others

    No one likes a liar. And people will protect themselves by surrounding themselves with people with whom they can trust.

    This is a fact, isn’t it?

    So, why are people condoning President Trump’s many lies?

  • Solana Beach
    Trump’s Attack Against Amazon Seems To Be Working

    Trump was attacking for some reason, citing it’s connection to the Washington Post, considered Fake News to Trump.

    And now Amazon stock seems to be tumbling days after Trump’s attack. Many analysts consider Amazon stock a strong buy still, so this might be a good time to get in. But for me I’m losing money, thanks to Trump’s attack.

  • How to Play the Stock Market Under Trump

    Let’s face it. Trump likes the spotlight! Even though he says he hates the fake news because they’re painting a negative picture of him, many of the reports are simply quoting every word he’s saying, and that’s not fake if it came from his own lips.


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