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  • Beast Burger
    A Week After the Gluten Incident: Feeling Much Better!

    It’s been almost a week since the gluten incident, when I thought I’d be okay eating the Beast Burger from Whole Foods. The thing is, it’s not the Beast Burger patty itself that was bad. That part was gluten-free, and it REALLy was heavy on the protein. And along with the gluten-filled hamburger buns, it was a double-whammy on my system.

  • Buddha Morning
    Live Blogging: Wednesday, August 2, 2017

    I thought about live blogging again this morning, but only for one hour. I must confess that this ‘live blogging’ business is kind of time consuming, yet also fun. But one hour is good enough to keep things going.

    Also, I’m thinking about live blogging in general, and not just the stock market but whatever comes to mind and whatever is on this morning’s newsfeed.

  • Beast Burger
    Getting Slammed by the Gluten Beast

    At the beginning of 2017, I started going gluten-free, with signs in 2016 that I was developing a gluten-sensitivity.

    Sure enough, as the months progressed, I felt so much better as a vegan who was also avoiding gluten. The problem was that now I was avoiding many foods I loved, such as bread.

  • vegetable tempura
    More Random Thoughts on a Vegan Lifestyle

    Overall, my journey through this vegan lifestyle is going pretty smoothly and with great success.

    Of course, I am well beyond all the meat cravings some newbies would have when they first start going vegan.


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