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  • Vegan Diet and Protein Intake

    The emphasis of getting our protein from animals… is a myth! The infamous protein myth, and we are continually bombarded with this propaganda every single day!

  • Rooney Mara
    Spotlight on Rooney Mara: Just What Does She Eat, Anyway?

    Rooney Mara: Just What Does She Eat, Anyway? Continuing my series on celebrities and what they eat—yes, this was an ongoing series which I kind of left in the dust—I thought I would finally focus on a celebrity who is actually vegan, since I’m vegan and also wondering who’s

  • Raw Vegan Diet
    The Protein Myth – A Good Explanation

    Where Do You Get Your Protein? What is the Protein Myth? It’s the fact that the Meat and Dairy industries have perpetuated the false claim that you need animal protein in order to survive. And that you won’t get enough protein unless you eat animal products. Of course, we

  • Vegan Deli Sandwich
    Alzheimer’s Disease and Meat Consumption

    We Are What We Eat When my doctor diagnosed me with high blood pressure and potential heart disease, she put me on the strictest diet of very low saturated fat and cholesterol, and I could eat white fish once or twice a week. Maybe eat turkey breast which is


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