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    Calisthenics 25 Pushups 25 Crunches 25 Squats 25 Jumping Jacks Note: Check back for more updates…

  • Fitness Cardio

    I haven’t posted a Fitness Update in a long, long time. I’ll confess, I fell out of a regular exercise/walking/hiking routine a few months ago when I was sick with the flu for what seemed like 2+ weeks. I mean, I was back on my feet in about a

  • Fitness Cardio
    I Broke My Rule of Every-Other-Day Cardio

    Today I broke my own rule about deciding to do my cardio routine every other day (at least until I was better conditioned).

    My oldest son persuaded me to go for a walk/hike with him at a local mountain. And, being that I was thinking I might not get a chance to do cardio tomorrow, I decided to go for it.

  • Miramar Lake
    Back To Basics

    Just a quick update, as I’ve been back on a decent workout schedule again.

    Last month I had the flu and it wasn’t so much as being a bad case of the flu, it was just that it lingered on for a few weeks (I didn’t see my doctor about it—and perhaps I should’ve) and I never got back to being 100%.

  • Hiking Trails: The Mega Trails Route on Mt. Rubidoux

    Yesterday, I tackled Mt. Rubidoux again, but not like I’ve usually done in the past.

    This time, I walked the asphalt road, which included the larger lower loop and the smaller upper loop as usual, but I also hiked from the summit to the West end, then back across to the East end. Then, from the East end I went back to the summit area.

  • Hiking Trails: Discovering a Secret Place on Mt. Rubidoux

    Every week I try to hike Mt. Rubidoux.

    I hiked it again yesterday, and this time I brought my backpack since I knew the weather was going to be sunny and in the 90s. I needed to use the water reservoir for a convenient supply of cool water.


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