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  • Buddha Morning
    Losing Weight in 2018

    Losing Weight in 2018 Last year, I wasn’t trying to lose weight—and I haven’t been weighing myself at all—but people have noticed I was losing weight and my clothes felt loser, so much so that I had to go to the tailor’s to have some pants and shorts taken

  • vLogger CourtneyPants
    Vlogger CourtneyPants’ Inspiring Weight Loss Video

    I’ve been following several Vloggers (or YouTubers) lately, and CourtneyPants has been just one of them. CourtneyPants is a YouTube celebrity who’s gaining popularity, and she’s affiliated with Maker Studios, a new entertainment company founded by YouTubers. Here in this video (which is part of a series) CourtneyPants talks

  • Iced Water
    How To Drink A Gallon of Water and Lose Weight!!

    Let’s face it. So much has been said about the benefits of drinking water. Just doing a quick search on Google will give you more advice than you’ll ever need to know (thus the facetiousness of this post’s title). But a recent issue in Fitness Magazine sported a small

  • raw foods
    10 Tips for Losing Weight

    I wrote some notes to myself years ago, which were basically geared to the average individual wanting to lose that last 5 to 10 lbs. At that time, and this was quite a while back, I was an omnivore trying to go vegetarian, so these notes apply to that

  • Jessica Alba – Just What Does She Eat, Anyway?

    Jessica Alba Is Hot in Machete Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful leading ladies in Hollywood. So, it would be interesting to explore what she does to stay in top shape, and find out just what she eats in order to maintain her beautiful figure. I recently

  • The Real Secret to Weight Loss Is…

    There IS no secret to weight loss. You have to burn more calories than you consume. Build more muscle to burn the fat off your body. For years I’ve been struggling with my weight. And I’ve been blaming a slow metabolism for this problem, when the real problem was


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