In My Mind's Zen Garden
  • Rose Garden
    Let the Positive Power of Inner Peace Guide You…

    Today’s thought is about achieving peace in a world that appears hectic to us, but in reality is just an illusion.

    I know it might be a dis-service to those who are living in areas of the world that have civil war, like Syria, but many of the wise sages of our world have taught us that peace can be found within.

  • Morning Cup
    10 Ways to De-Stress Your Life and Not Be Distressed

    Life in general can be full of stressful things from health matters to daily interactions with others, to financial and family problems. Yes, sometimes life can be a drag. I’ve just been putting together some things that help me to de-stress, or provide “stress management” in my life. I

  • Buddha Altar
    The 10 Things To Be Avoided

    First: A Quick Note More pearls of wisdom from the book, “Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines”, all dealing with moral practices for devout Tibetan Yogis. These 10 things to be avoided are mainly directed at Tibetan monks whose path is to follow that of enlightenment, in the hope of

  • Guru and Disciple
    The 10 Tasks to Becoming a Spiritual Warrior

    The 10 Tasks to Becoming a Spiritual Warrior These 10 tasks are subject to change and revision, but for now they stand as a guide for one’s personal & spiritual development: 1. A true spiritual warrior cultivates compassion and understanding from within, and practices these disciplines without, in everyday

  • Gautama Buddha
    On Being Ego-less

    The practice of meditation is an active process. Although it might seem like one is not doing much of anything, continued practice will get to the core of one’s mental thoughts and how one processes these thoughts and mental images. One thing too often missed is the act of


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