Day Trading Rules and Guidelines: Stock Whisperer Edition

The thing is, it takes a certain mindset to day trade, and I believe that yoga and meditation have been a large part of my day trading success. Because you have to be very patient, and you have to keep an even, level head about the whole concept of day trading before beginning.

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Monday, November 19, 2018: Day Trading Notes, Waiting for December

DOW -395.78—-NASDAQ -219.40—-SP500 45.54—-NYSE -119.37

Portfolio Leaders: T
Portfolio Laggards: ISRG, SHOP, BA

Another brutal day on the stock market, with the DOW falling some -395 points. Ouch! That REALLY hurt… as I continue to watch the portfolio fall and people telling me to hold on… I guess my long term holds will bounce back, but when?

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Trading Notes: Analysis of a Day Trade

Day Trading can be extremely risky to the uninitiated. Trade at your own risk!

Having said that, I have been trading for more than 10 years, but had resisted the temptation to day trade because of the risky nature of this type of trading.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018: Day Trading and the Volatility Index

DOW +204.70—-NASDAQ +67.34—-SP500 +14.75—-NYSE +82.21

Portfolio Leaders: BA, T, ISRG
Portfolio Laggards: BPT

Basically, the VIX or Volatility Index will go up when the Stock Market goes down, so ETFs like VXX and TVIX have been great for trading during these times.

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Friday, July 27, 2018: AMZN, CMG Report Stellar Earnings, Yet Markets Slide

DOW +20.62—-NASDAQ -26.69—-SP500 -1.01—-NYSE +13.56

Portfolio Leaders: T, AMZN, BA
Portfolio Laggards: SDR, SHOP, IQ

Overall, it’s been kind of a weird morning on the stock market.

While we had record profits coming from Amazon’s stellar earnings report yesterday, the stock is up 1.64% right now, up $30 a share. This is expected since Amazon had a highly successful Prime Day earlier this month.

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Friday, May 18, 2018: Indexes in Neutral and Mixed, BA, CAT, RTN, SHOP Push Upward

DOW +28.71 ~ NASDAQ -9.13 ~ SP500 -3.05 ~ NYSE -24.45

DOW Top Performers: Boeing (BA), Home Depot (HD), Caterpillar (CAT), Microsoft (MSFT)

Dow Laggards: Intel (INTC), JP Morgan (JPM), Chevron (CVX), Dow Dupont (DWDP)

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