Tech Notes: TechCrunch Reviews 13″ Macbook Pro Retina, and More


Laptop Week Review: The 13-Inch MacBook Pro With Retina Display

Well, I already purchased the 13″ Macbook Air for two specific reasons: 1) It is lighter than the 13″ Macbook Pro Retina, and 2) It cost less and was within my budget. But not to say that the Macbook Pro Retina is lame. It’s about as perfect a laptop as you can get.


Flickr Offers 1TB of Free Space for Your Photos, $50 Yearly for No Ads

Now that I am somewhat getting used to Flickr’s new design (after calling it atrocious), I liking the fact that all users have 1 terabyte of space to store their photos/videos. But the problem? The $24.95 Pro Account is going away, and let’s welcome the new $49.99 Paid Account just so that you can get an Ad-Free experience?


The Creator of the GIF Says It’s Pronounced JIF. He Is Wrong

Kids. Looks like we’ve been pronouncing it wrong all along. Regarding GIF files; it’s pronounced like JIF, but with a ‘G’. Y’know, I actually knew that from the start, because in the old days of the electronic BBS’s, it was pronounced ‘JIF’. So…


Bamboo Loop: A Fun, Creative Twist on Everyday Picture Messaging

I’ll have to try this App, “Bamboo Loop”. Sounds fun!



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