Tesla Stock Surges Ahead While DOW Wallows in Red

Tesla Stock Surges Ahead While DOW Wallows in Red

I saw this coming early this morning but was too late to act on it, but Tesla stock [stock_quote symbol=”TSLA”] is surging ahead with a nice gap up, some +20.00 dollars and up +6.25%.

I need to get better at calling these possible gap ups so I can buy in the pre-market hours in order to take advantage of the next gap ups. It’s a tricky gamble, but the greater the risk, the bigger the rewards, right?

Well, it IS a gamble, but if it’s a predicted no-brainer like [stock_quote symbol=”AAPL”], [stock_quote symbol=”BA”] and [stock_quote symbol=”TSLA”] in recent days, then it’s just something to think about.

Of course, I wouldn’t recommend anyone do this with more than 5% of their total portfolio cash. You have to weigh in the probabilities and manage your risk wisely.

Live Blogging: Thursday, August 3, 2017

I will now take this opportunity to ‘live blog’ for a bit this morning. If you’ve been following my posts, I’ve been live blogging the stock market and morning news for the past couple of days.

I want to keep things inconsistent when it comes to doing routine types of blogging, as from my experience I’ve been dinged by Google (they don’t like repetitive titles and repeating themes, actually). And they WILL take away your google page rank if you don’t comply. Yes, they can be evil that way.


7:15am – I should have bought Tesla stock yesterday. Shoulda, woulda, coulda…

Tesla shares rise as investors bet on Model 3 success

7:36am – I REALLY hate to get into politics (I am mostly a spiritually-driven person) but the lies coming from the Trump administration (the so-called Trump administration), they just keep on coming! This is unprecedented and beneath the dignity of the Oval Office!

Donald Trump just keeps lying

And this is NOT FAKE NEWS! Anyone with half a brain can see through Trump’s ‘BS’. Aw, for shame!

7:52am – Do I need another book on nutrition? Sure, why not? But anyway, Tom Brady is releasing his book about his nutritional philosophy. Love him or hate him, he’s a five time Super Bowl champion who’s 40 and still performing at peak levels of fitness.

Tom Brady’s first book, ‘The TB12 Method,’ will help you obtain peak performance

I’m out…

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Thursday August 3, 2017 by Carlos Rull
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