The China Study, The Macrobiotic Diet and Vegan Lifestyle

The Macrobiotic Diet

A lot has been written about the Macrobiotic Diet already, but basically you can google George Ohsawa and get all the information about the essence of Macrobiotics.

But what I’m talking about is the merging of macrobiotic principles and a vegan diet. Yes, I know many will think this is sacrilege considering the macrobiotic principles include eating seafood and limited amounts of other animal meats.

Here’s the thing. I believe that the basic principles of eating seasonal and local produce can definitely be applied to the vegan diet. Also, one of the main principles of a macrobiotic diet is the reduction of animal foods. So Veganism just takes it all the way to the exclusion of all animal products. Combine this with eating locally grown, seasonal foods and you can make any vegan diet become a more macrobiotic diet.

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Also, macrobiotics stresses moderation in eating, as not to stress the digestive system. And, the ratio of grains to vegetables to legumes and sea vegetables to a protein source in macrobiotics can be applied easily to a vegan diet.

Thus, the only thing different between a full-fledged vegan diet and a macrobiotic one is the limited intake of animal foods in a macrobiotic diet. All the other principles of a macrobiotic diet can be applied to a vegan diet.

Macrobiotics and Zen Buddhism

Macrobiotics emphasizes the following foods: whole grains, legumes, sea vegetables, fermented soy products, and fruit.

In limited quantities Macrobiotics emphasizes moderation with the following foods: seafood, nuts & seeds, sweeteners, seasonings, nut butters, and beverages.

Once again, in a Macrobiotic Vegan Diet, everything can be followed from the standard Macrobiotic Diet except for the seafood.

Macrobiotics typically follows the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, of balance and harmony with one’s surroundings and what one eats and drinks. And Veganism follows very similar philosophies about moderation, balance and harmony towards oneself and the environment. Veganism goes one step further with practicing compassion to other sentient beings and that would be to abstain from eating animals and killing them for food.

Yin & Yang and The China Study

Much research was done in China about how the people of China ate, and whether it was nutritionally sound or not. The China Study was a decades long research, and basically the study found that a primarily plant-based diet was responsible for optimal health.

Basically, the Chinese people subsisted on a simple diet of rice and vegetables, with limited amounts of animal foods. And in Macrobiotics the philosophy of Yin & Yang goes back to Chinese culture and philosophy.

The China Study revealed that a diet high in animal foods was responsible for a lot of humankind’s chronic illnesses, and that a diet that emphasized whole grains (China’s staple is rice), vegetables and mostly whole foods was the healthier option for health and longevity.

From Amazon:

More than 30 years ago, nutrition researcher T. Colin Campbell and his team at Cornell, in partnership with teams in China and England, embarked upon the China Study, the most comprehensive study ever undertaken of the relationship between diet and the risk of developing disease. What they found when combined with findings in Colin’s laboratory, opened their eyes to the dangers of a diet high in animal protein and the unparalleled health benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet.

Getting back to a Macrobiotic Vegan Diet, the main principles of Macrobiotics can be easily incorporated into a Vegan Diet with no problem at all, and the only exclusion would be seafood and animal foods.

Disclaimer: The content provided here is for information and entertainment purposes only. It’s not intended as an offer or solicitation to purchase any products or services. And this material should not be taken as wellness advice. Consult your doctor if an dietary regimen is suitable for you.

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