The Forgotten Photos: “Venice, Italy” August 2005 – Part 2

The Hotel Capri

This is a continuation from Part 1 in the series.

On our first day in Venice, it rained!

I remember passing through the train station and coming out the other side to catch a first glimpse of Venice and it was pouring and the skies were dark and cloudy.

We had to walk to the Hotel Capri, which on Google Maps below looks like it is very close to the train station, but because it was our first time in Venice and we didn’t know the streets, it seemed a mile away.

Location of the Hotel Capri

Slight Variation on a Theme

Venice-1 147

Here is the same view of the Santa Maria della Salute, the domed Catholic church that is a prominent feature of the Venetian panorama. It’s a slight variation of the photo in Part 1.

The Quiet Canals of Venice

Venice - August 2005

In many of the quiet canals and walkways in Venice, I had a nice vibe. Venice to me had this quiet old world charm. It’s hard to believe that one is surrounded by buildings centuries old, with foundations sitting on wood piles! One thing I noticed there, is that every-once-in-a-while you’d feel a gentle swaying. Even in the hotel room I felt a subtle swaying motion a couple of times. Nothing too drastic to get the most sensitive person seasick, but I did notice this slight swaying a few times during my stay in Venice.

Venice - August 2005

On the second day in Venice, the sun came out and we had mildly warm weather with scattered clouds here and there. The weather changes drastically here, just like on the East Coast. I can’t remember if it was the 1st or 2nd day that we visited the Piazza San Marco. I believe it was the 1st day but later in the day, as I remember the sky was still overcast.

Random Window in Venetian Blinds

Venice - August 2005

Venice isn’t like other cities where the blocks are perfect squares or even triangles. There seems to be a randomness about how the streets/canals and walkways were designed. One can easily get lost here.

Venetian Architecture

Venice - August 2005

Needless to say, I was fascinated by the Venetian architecture surrounding us. I tried to capture the essence of the buildings against the skies above…

Venice - August 2005



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