The Light Of Compassion

His Holiness, The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, was recently awarded the Congressional Gold Medal (the top U.S. civilian honor) presented by President George W. Bush.

The Dalai Lama has been awarded a Congressional Gold Medal – the top US civilian honour – in a move that has infuriated China.

George W Bush attended the ceremony in Washington, the first time a sitting US president has appeared in public with the exiled Tibetan leader.

Chinese state media had warned it would “cast a shadow” over ties with the US.

Beijing has been accused of human rights abuses in Tibet, which its communist troops occupied in 1951.

Free Tibet

It’s just sad (yet I’m not surprised) that China has denounced such an event. Since the 1950s they have caused much grief to the Tibetan people by invading their country, killing and torturing many people and forcing the Communist Chinese way of life on them.

China Issues Warning on Dalai Lama Trip

In addition, Communist China’s cruel infliction on the Tibetan people’s religion and culture is such that they intend to wipe out all that the Tibetan people have cultivated for the past thousand years.

To the Communist Chinese, Religion is poison.

But no one has the right to take away a person’s right to practice their own religion. That decision should always be on a personal level, and not be made a crime. The Communist Chinese government has basically outlawed the religion and treat Buddhist monks as criminals. One’s religious beliefs (or lack thereof) is a very personal matter, and one’s universal right.

The Dalai Lama was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on December 10, 1989 in Oslo, Norway.

Now, what is happening right now in Burma against Buddhist Monks and protestors is simply not right.

Hopefully, those who trample on the rights of others will be put in their place…

In Summary

It’s somewhat disappointing that the United States isn’t taking much of a stand against the tyranny of the Communist Chinese government against Tibet. I wrote my congressman about this asking for our government to take action. Sadly, I basically received a letter that there really wasn’t much our government could do and it was simply not high on our priority list. Given that America is predominantly a Christian-based society, perhaps it’s not in America’s interests to stop the threat of Communism in a far away land like Tibet. But then, why did we help South Korean during the Korean War?

Perhaps it’s the fact that, for some reason, the United States owes China close to a trillion dollars! We are in debt to them! How did that happen? And how did a powerful, influenctial country like the United States put ourselves in this position?

Compassion, tolerance and understanding is what needs to be focused on in life. It doesn’t matter what your religion is, or your political standing. It’s important to show an act of kindness and compassion to others, and pray that you would get the same dignity, respect, compassio and kindness in return.

Om ॐ



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