The McCain-Palin Rap

For those of you who totally enjoyed Amy Poehler’s “Rap for Palin” and are looking for more, here’s a pretty cool McCain-Palin Rap I think you might like.


Club Paradise in Vegas is calling all Palin imitators to a Sarah Palin Tina Fey look-a-like contest, Vegas Style. What does first prize get ya? First prize is $10K and a trip to Washington, DC. We have not yet seen any similar contests for McCain but we will let you know if we hear something!

TV Guide: Did Sarah Palin Score on Saturday Night Live?

Sarah Palin made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live this week, and though her parts were small, she proved to have a great sense of humor about herself. The show’s overnight ratings, meanwhile, were serious business, giving SNL its largest audience since March 12, 1994 (when Nancy Kerrigan hosted with musical guest Aretha Franklin).



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