The Nitty Gritty: Amazon’s Kindle Fire vs Apple’s iPad 2

No doubt, a part of the tech wars going into 2012 will be the battle of the tablet PCs. HP’s tablet is pretty much out of the picture (having been discontinued), so it looks like it’s going to be Apple’s iPad 2 versus Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

If you’re looking at the Kindle Fire as a cheaper alternative to the more popular iPad 2, it’s important to know what are the differences between the two, and what you will actually get if you go for the Kindle Fire.

My wife is encouraging me to get an iPad 2, but let’s take a look at the comparisons between the Kindle Fire and the iPad 2, just in case I want to go for the cheaper alternative!


  • Kindle fire: $199
  • iPad: $499+

Screen Size

  • Kindle Fire: 7 inches
  • iPad: 9.7 inches

Internet Access

  • Kindle Fire: Wi-Fi only
  • iPad: Wi-Fi plus 3G capability (price is $629 PLUS data plan)

Operating System

  • Kindle Fire: a variation of Android 2.3
  • iPad: iOS 5


  • Kindle Fire: several thousand ???
  • iPad: 425,000+


  • Kindle Fire: none
  • iPad: yes

Built-in Microphone

  • Kindle Fire: none
  • iPad: yes

Cloud Servers

(store your stuff on the web)

  • Kindle Fire: yes, FREE!
  • iPad: yes, for a FEE?


  • Kindle Fire: 8 gigabytes
  • iPad: 16+ gigabytes

Battery Life

  • Kindle Fire: 8 hours
  • iPad: 10 hours


Kindle Fire

PROS: Cheaper alternative. Built-in store front that will make it supremely easy to shop at and download Music, Movies, eBooks, etc… seamlessly (a big plus for fans). FREE cloud storage for Movies, Music, etc.

CONS: Until the unit begins shipping, unknown user-end performance and experience compared to Apple’s iPad 2. Smaller screen size and lesser availability of Apps. Wi-Fi only.

iPad 2

PROS: An elegant and aesthetically pleasing design. Well known user experience and reliability factor. More availabile Apps. Camera, microphone gives ability to Skype and chat. Wi-Fi and 3G data plan available. More storage.

CONS: EXPENSIVE! iCloud monthly costs (more, based on storage space).



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