The Realities of 1 Gig Broadband

The Realities of 1 Gig Broadband

I just got 1 Gig Broadband installed in my house via Spectrum.

And the first thing I did was speed test it on my old Linux Box, once the tech guy got the service up-and-running.

The Reality?

You’re not going to get 1 Gig Broadband on older devices, smartphones and pad devices.

The bottleneck will be your devices. The tech guy tested it out on his analyzer machine thingy. He says it takes about 24 hours to get up to speed once the service has been installed.

Also, you need a super fast WiFi Router. I fortunately have the Netgear Nighthawk X6 R8000, which can reach speeds of 5 gigs.

Another hard reality is WiFi.

My Nighthawk router is upstairs in the office. And my trading platform is downstairs in the ‘parlor room’. I am connected with WiFi to my Macbook Pro 15″ 2018. So, fortunately fast laptops will perform at the higher speeds but will not reach 1 Gig via WiFi.

The fastest I was able to achieve with my Macbook Pro was around 640 mbps when I situated the laptop right next to the Nighthawk router… getting there… and it really is superfast now, running the WiFi 10x faster than I used to.


I am ready for the trading platform with such speed.

My youngest son is a gamer and does a lot of online gaming. He was connected directly to the Nighthawk via ethernet cable, so he was able to reach speeds of 860+ mbps. Now that’s fast! Upload speeds were well above 40 mbps.

So, trading-wise, I’m happy with the 400+ mbps downstairs for trading, though I might invest in a Nighthawk extender for downstairs to boost the signal there.

Spectrum charge me a $200 install fee, which I thought was pretty steep. And my monthly is $125 for 1 Gig Broadband.

I was hoping for Google Fiber which is 1 Gig as well but is not available in my area yet.

So, we are happy with the service. It IS superfast. We’ll just see how much the uptimes will be, hopefully 99.9% as promised.

In addition, video streaming is faster and the clarity of the picture is really noticeable.

1 Gig was mainly needed for day trading, but we have Alexa, Philips Hue Lighting, Arlo Security Cameras all running at the same time on our WiFi…

This was a much needed upgrade.

More about 1 Gig Broadband later….

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