The 10 Things To Be Avoided

First: A Quick Note

More pearls of wisdom from the book, “Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines”, all dealing with moral practices for devout Tibetan Yogis.

These 10 things to be avoided are mainly directed at Tibetan monks whose path is to follow that of enlightenment, in the hope of benefiting other souls in return.

Following the teachings of a guru is of prime importance. But in absence of a direct physical guru, the teachings of Christ and Buddha are good enough for many, to adhere to that savior’s moral teachings and wisdom.

The 10 Things to be Avoided

  • 1. Avoid a guru whose heart is set on acquiring worldly
    fame and possessions.
  • 2. Avoid friends and followers who are detrimental to thy
    peace of mind and spiritual growth.
  • 3. Avoid hermitages and places of abode where there
    happen to be many persons who annoy and distract thee.
  • 4. Avoid gaining thy livelihood by means of deceit and
  • 5. Avoid such actions as harm thy mind and impede thy
    spiritual development.
  • 6. Avoid such acts of levity and thoughtlessness as lower
    thee in another esteem.
  • 7. Avoid useless conduct and actions.
  • 8. Avoid concealing thine own faults and speaking loudly
    of those of others.
  • 9. Avoid such food and habits as disagree with thy health.
  • 10. Avoid such attachments as are inspired by avarice (extreme greed).

These are The Things To Be Avoided.

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