The World is Flat, And Other Stories

We Thought The World Was Flat

Everyone knows the story about how people thought the world was flat before explorers found out the world was a big ball. Well, it makes perfect sense to think the world is flat, right? I mean, from our perspective the world DOES look flat. It’s only until we take off in a rocket that we see the world as a giant ball in space once we orbit the planet.

It’s also hard to believe everything is made up of atoms. We don’t see them but scientists have proven that they exist and there are atoms of elements that make up our universe.

For many people, if they don’t perceive something with their own five senses, then it doesn’t exist, right? We need the hard proof to back up the reality. But the reality is that we don’t perceive everything with our five senses. Our senses are limited, actually. So, we rely on what we read in books and magazines and we end up having to trust that as the truth.

In other words, we are beginning to have faith, or believe that something exists based on facts we read. Yes, it comes to a point where we really believe something exists based on faith.

It’s interesting how most people believe that we need meat to get our protein. After all, we’ve been told since elementary school that we need animal foods to get our protein. When it’s a fact that we can get our protein requirements from plant foods. Yes, we’ve relied upon faith that this protein myth is the truth.

Thus the common question asked to Vegans. “Where do you get your protein?”

Well if you ask a horse where it gets its protein you’d be surprised. Horses are essentially vegan and get their protein from grass, hay, grains and the like. But then a person will say, “but we’re not horses”, but the point is that an animal can get its protein from non-meat items and still survive and thrive!

I use Cron-o-meter all the time now and it tells me factually that I can get enough protein as a Vegan. So, my personal firsthand experience tells me that the whole protein-from-animals thing is a complete myth.

We’ve been fooled all this time, most likely from propaganda coming from the incredibly powerful and extremely profitable Meat Industry! And it’s interesting how meat eaters will defend this myth to rationalize the continue eating of animal flesh!

It’s interesting how many meat eaters (and omnivores) attack Vegans for their lifestyle.

Now, just to be fair, recently a woman who commented on a YouTube video claimed that she gave Veganism a try for a month or so. I guess it didn’t work out for her and she reverted back to being an omnivore.

Yes, humans can eat a LOT of things, plants and animals and even dirt!

The question remains: What is the best diet for humans?

  1. It seems to me that our bodies have been geared for being herbivores, meaning we pretty much eat plant food.
  2. Long intestinal tract.
  3. More molars (or grinding teeth for plants).
  4. Sure we have canines but are very small.
  5. It has been proven that we have developed the tools and the technology to manipulate foods to our whim and fancy. Does that make it right? Well, it’s already been proven that processed foods aren’t good for us, that we need to stick to whole foods.
  6. Eating meat alone will simply putrefy in the gut, unless we mix that animal meat with plant foods. In other words, fiber and roughage from plants to help the meat move along the digestive tract at a good pace.

Something to keep in mind.

We as sentient beings on this planet, thrive on sunlight from the sun. Without it we would all perish. Most animals that we eat get their food from plant life in order to survive. Look at the horse, who eats grains and grass and is a big animal with strong muscles. Teeth made for grinding. The horse gets its food directly from the plants which provide ‘liquid sunshine’ in the form of chlorophyll from the sunlight. For humans, why not get that ‘liquid sunshine’ directly from the plants?

Plant life and its fruits and seeds would be a direct source.

Animals would be a secondary source, and not ideal.

But, we wouldn’t know all this unless we did the science and studied the plants in relation to the animals.

It’s like in the old days when everyone thought the world was flat and we were afraid to fall off the edge.

Knowledge is power.

It’s like we all know there are atoms that are the building blocks of everything. But before we wouldn’t have known this without the science and the research. Otherwise, we simply won’t believe what we don’t see!

And so people believe that a Vegan diet is wrong, but they haven’t tried it for a year to see the results themselves!



Carlos Rull

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