All Things Retro and Nostalgic: Part I

All Things Retro and Nostalgic: Part I

Retro-ism and Nostalgia are two areas I’d like to focus more on. For instance, a big part of growing up as a child during the 1960s was the music and culture, and I’d like to re-explore all the fads, music and culture that had transpired and was a big part of that 1960s movement and suburbia.

Nostalgia obviously means something different to each individual. Perhaps younger Millenials have a nostalgia for early computer and video games, since their culture growing up was dominated by these electronic forms of entertainment.

For others, retro and nostalgia could mean going back to the 1950s and 1940s, the big band era and the pop crooners of those eras… Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Patti Page and Hank Williams in the Country genre.

So, there’s a lot to cover and I’ll be attempting to cover all aspects of retro-ism and nostalgia in posts to come, so stay tuned…

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