Thursday, July 26, 2018: Facebook Tumbles Big Time, NASDAQ and Tech Stocks Hit

Alas, Facebook!

DOW +139.55—-NASDAQ -63.23—-SP500 -3.26—-NYSE +42.41

Portfolio Leaders: CAT, BA, T
Portfolio Laggards: FB, AMZN, ISRG

So, Facebook basically missed its marks in earnings and projected growth, in which daily usage has dropped by 1.x percent, BUT… Facebook owns Instagram which has been growing by leaps and bounds. And add to that the various problems Facebook has had with regards to Fake News, user data being extracted by companies. And you have a stock that had plummeted some 18% after the opening bell this morning.

I think the stock should bounce back, so now is a good time to buy low. When to buy is the question…

Amazon (AMZN) will post its quarterly earnings after the closing bell today, so fingers are crossed as to how their results will pan out.

Spotify (SPOT) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) are at the top of my Best Performing Stocks list, and I’m in on WWE but looking at SPOT to buy at some point in the near future. Still trying to buy on the dips.

But basically, the NASDAQ and tech stocks are down today and struggling. If AMZN has a stellar earnings report, this could re-boost the NASDAQ tech stocks once again.

Today’s Portfolio Leaders

The Western Sage Equity Fund has been updated from yesterday’s data. Since tech stocks took a tumble this morning, I’m going to hold out on updating that page for a while until the dust settles.

Caterpillar (CAT)
finviz dynamic chart for  CAT
Boeing (BA)
finviz dynamic chart for  BA
AT&T (T)
finviz dynamic chart for  T

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