Tirza of Healthy Vegan Life Posts a Video on Getting Enough Vitamins

Tirza of Healthy Vegan Life Posts a Video on Getting Enough Vitamins

I admire the vegan vloggers who devote the time and effort to educate the masses about the importance of a plant-based diet, for our health and the good of the planet.

Tirza is one such vlogger I check on now and then to see what new videos she’s been creating. This latest video discusses getting enough vitamins on a vegan diet. In her case, she’s specifically focused on the starch diet that Dr. McDougal has written about.

Vegans and humans in general need starchy foods for energy. It’s just the abuse of starchy foods and lack of exercise that can make starchy foods look like they’re fattening.

How to Get Enough Vitamins on a Vegan Diet

In reality, protein isn’t an efficient fuel for optimal energy. Starches in the form of grains, potatoes, etc. are essential, and I would stay away from the so-called low carb, high protein diets. I’ve tried them twice… under the Zone Diet and briefly as the Paleo Diet.

There IS enough protein in plant-based foods, if you consume enough variety in your diet.

And getting enough vitamins is actually easier than most people might think, especially when consuming vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables.



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