Took Some Profits Today, and Monitoring the Trump Bubble

Profit Taking, and Monitoring the Trump Bubble

The stock market, as you may know, has been on this extended rally which began (at least for me) at the beginning of the year.

Year-to-date, I’m up 10.33% on shares of AAPL, AMD, BA and IGM.

I sold my shares of SBUX and BAC for profits, 5.28% and 4.85%, respectively.

I’m anticipating a market bubble that could deflate in the near future, so just in case, I’m taking some profits now.

And I’m holding on to my current shares for mostly the dividends, so these should be a long term hold.

I’m seriously thinking of setting up drips, so that my dividends will be converted into more shares.

I sold SBUX because I’ve profited and it looks like it’s just going sideways in Neutral.

BAC could continue to climb, as most of the top banks have been rallying well since the beginning of the new administration. And, if I do invest in more bank stocks I’ll consider USB and JPM.

As far as other sectors, I need to getting into some Pharma stocks with great paying dividends.

Today, I ended the trading session in the positive.





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