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  • Donald Trump
    Will Trump Take Credit for Today’s Downward Market?

    If you’ve studied Trump’s twitter feed, you noticed that when something goes wrong, he blames others. But, when something goes right, he takes credit for it. When he is critiqued by the so-called liberal media, he simply calls it fake news. But the fact remains that he generates his own fake news, and at the very least, he exaggerates certain claims, like taking credit for the stock market when it’s doing well.

  • Donald Trump
    Being True to Ourselves and to Others

    No one likes a liar. And people will protect themselves by surrounding themselves with people with whom they can trust.

    This is a fact, isn’t it?

    So, why are people condoning President Trump’s many lies?

  • Memorial Day
    One Nation, Under God, With Liberty and Justice for All

    the problem with VP Pence leaving the game when NFL players took the knee…

    taking the knee is more of a demonstration against the trampling of African-Americans’ civil rights and is more a ‘humanitarian’ act than a political one. VP Pence made it a political one.

  • Guns Weapons
    Random Stuff: Monday, October 2, 2017

    First off, my heart goes out to the victims of this senseless massacre in Las Vegas.

    I’ll never understand how someone could take another person’s life, especially innocent victims who don’t deserve what happened to them. But to kill dozens and dozens, 59 at last count and 515 casualties, someone simply has to be a mentally sick and misguided soul to do something so evil.

  • Buddha Morning
    First Post of October 2017

    I was going to do this yesterday, since it was October 1st,
    but I was way too busy.

    But, this just marks the first post of October, this year, and I’m amazed at how quickly 2017 has been. I guess that means I was very busy.


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