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  • No One Should Enjoy Watching Others Suffer

    As we go through the Holiday Season and into the New Year, I feel I should make a personal plea and just throw it out there, that Peace and Goodwill Toward (Wo)Men should be practiced everyday and throughout the year. I see too many people out there practicing the

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    All This Negativity in Politics These Days: Poopie!

    I’m trying to re-focus this blog and website away from anything related to Politics.

    Mainly, there is such a lot of negativity surrounding Politics these days, that whatever side you’re on, there’s just so much nastiness going on.

  • Grand Piano
    Random Thoughts for December 8, 2016

    I’m having a great time playing piano for a local Memory Care Unit. It’s fun and challenging to play the gamut of songs from old time stride piano tunes to standards to sing-a-longs. I just got word that I’ll be continuing this project into New Year 2017, so I’m

  • Zen and the Art of Honesty

    It’s so important to be honest. If you trust someone, you expect that they won’t cheat or deceive you and tell you lies. And if you find out that they lied to you, deceived and cheated you, then it’s natural that it would be very hard to trust that

  • Vegan Deli Sandwich
    The Logic and Reasoning Behind a Vegan Diet

    I’ve mentioned Dr. Ellsworth Wareham a few times in posts here. The thing is, he’s a retired heart surgeon who has done countless open heart surgeries in his lifetime. He retired at 95, having been a strict vegan since his early 50s, I believe. And before that he was

  • Solana Beach
    Hello? This is a Capitalist Nation, All Connected to Wall St.

    Hello? This is a Capitalist Nation, All Connected to Wall St. If you get the chance, read The Power Elite by C. Wright Mills. It’ll turn your head around with regards to the connection between Corporations, Military and Government. And in light of the unprecedented move (presidential election) that


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