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  • las vegas photos

    Finally uploaded a gallery of selected photos from the trip to Las Vegas. Apple’s iPhoto can churn out web pages to showcase any collection of photos, but I had to tweak the HTML code a bit. And, um… sorry in advance for the potentially annoying google ads, although they

  • The Existence of Auras

    I was reading Alex of yesterday and pondered over something she had written: When two separate people within one week sit across from you at a restaurant and tell you you are either “radiant” or “glowing,” you’ve got to start wondering if maybe it is biological and not

  • the rbj group at

    I had set up an RBJ group over at, so anyone interested should go over there and add yourself. This is a free-for-all fun thing… and already people are adding their fotos to the “pool”.

  • flickr, dude!

    So, I’m sure everyone knows about the purchase of by The good people at say this is a great move for their people. And if that’s the case, then I’m happy for them. It’s an awesome service. And I really feel like upgrading to the “pro”

  • vegas photos

    Here’s a photo of New York, New York Hotel & Casino from my recently Las Vegas trip. I just got back so I’m a bit tired from all the galavanting around. I’ve been in a quandry as to how to display my photos here on the new domain. I’ve

  • rbj search script

    This morning I decided to redo the Rice Bowl Journals search script, which is the third most used page on RBJ, following the front page (#1) and the members list (#2).


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