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  • The Zen of Super Bowl LI – 2017 – Top 10 Commercials

    No doubt, a BIG attraction in each Super Bowl are the commercials, and every year the stakes are high and the cost for advertising time goes up! There have been some extremely funny and creative commercials during these Super Bowl ad spots, and very funny ones over the years

  • Guru and Disciple
    Social Media. Selfies. Privacy. Remaining Mysterious…

    Once again, more and more people are sharing their lives online in the form of selfies, photos, videos (especially Facebook with it’s ‘live video’ thingy. On the surface, it’s a good thing, right? But, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and contemplating about the dark side of social

  • Web
    The Internet, Fact Checking and Identifying Fake News Sites

    The Internet, Fact Checking and Identifying Fake News Sites No doubt, Facebook has been on a mission to stamp out and reject the proliferation of Fake News on the social networking website. It’s just a sad truth that we have to even vet and fact check the news these

  • stocks
    The Need to Feel More Nostalgic in 2016

    2016 has no doubt been a year of change and upheaval around the world. And it’s no small wonder that some of my friends have expressed a need to go back in time to simpler days, before the internet. Before this so-called digital age.


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