In My Mind's Zen Garden
  • The Obligatory Beginning of April Post

    To Be Or Not Be So Random? Well, I’m thinking, what’s so ‘obligatory’ about an obligatory post at the beginning of April? Of at the start of any month, for that matter? It goes to show how a bit dis-organized I can be. It would be ultimately nice to

  • desert island
    The Simplicity of Overcoming Writer’s Block

    No doubt, I’ve had my share of writer’s block in the past, but whenever I go over my years of blogging entries, I am amazed at the output that’s been done, whether good or bad. I think the simple solution is to write! Well, easier said than done, yes?

  • command center
    Best of the Zen Garden: The First Half of 2015

    Prolificity This is the one word that best describes the first half of 2015 at the Zen Garden… prolificity. I must say, I was very active in blogging during the first half of 2015, and I’m hoping to continue this trend for the second half. In a nutshell… There

  • Yellow Flowers
    Introducing the Top 100

    If you’ve been one of my online friends for many years, you’ll know that I have an affection for Top 100 lists. Back when I was actively managing the Rice Bowl Journals project, I enjoyed creating Top 100 lists using PHP and MySQL. It started out as just practice

  • botanical garden
    Site Changes and a New Archive Page

    Site Changes Just a quick update to announce a few changes to the website. These were much needed changes that I’ve had on the back burner for quite some time now. The cleaning up of categories and tags will be ongoing, and as I have the time. Let’s go


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