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  • finally… upgraded to wordpress 2.1

    It was a pretty quick and easy upgrade. So in the month of January many of us have upgraded to 2.06, then 2.07, and finally to 2.1. *whew* Um, no more upgrades for a while, okay? Anyway, Suki and Pat have pointed out some error code that shows up

  • WordPress 2.1 released!

    With an improved editor, image uploader, security features, and more. Nice polish added to already great blogging software. I just downloaded WordPress 2.07, and like a week before that I downloaded 2.06! And now WordPress 2.1 has just been released! Man, it’s hard to keep up with those folks

  • How To Create A Site Map For Google

    For those bloggers and webmasters who are serious about getting their site ranked higher in the search engines, especially Google, having relevant content is of course one of the most important criteria. But, a lot of people aren’t aware that submitting a sitemap (in XML format) to Google is


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