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  • wordpress 2.06

    If you’re running wordpress 2.0x on your site, then you need to get the latest wordpress version 2.06. I’ve just now updated and the upgrade was pretty quick and painless. There is an important security update in this version, along with other improvements listed below:

  • wordpress problems

    For some reason, I wasn’t able to login to my own wordpress account!!! So, recently I was able to get into it via PHPmyAdmin and redo the password and encryption! What a hassle, but it’s done. I can finally login again! *hehe* Anyways, the “comments” part is now totally

  • plain vanilla 1.0

    The beauty of wordpress 1.5 is that you can easily try out many different “themes” and go back and forth, or even set something up for the visitor to select a theme. I really like Plain Vanilla 1.0 by Chyetanya Kunte. Very nice!


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