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  • Argo Best Picture
    The Oscars: Winners, Thoughts and Reflections

    I can’t remember a better Academy Awards ceremony than the one watched last night.

    In retrospect, first time host Seth MacFarlane did a good job. And I’m sure many were wondering (and maybe just a little nervous) about how he was going to pull it off, but he did good. And he definitely did better than Ricky Gervais’ somewhat snarky and insulting jokes aimed at Hollywood in general.

  • Downton Abbey
    Much Ado About Downton Abbey, and Other Confessions…

    I already confessed over here that my latest obsession is Downton Abbey.

    But, I didn’t go into the gory details.

    Now I’ve said this time and time again that I really don’t watch much TV. I mean, I do, but for the most part I’m too busy practicing piano, drums, working online and other stuff.

  • Random Random: Tuesday Tuesday Edition

    “Bazinga!” “I’m not crazy. My mother had me tested!” “Ah, gravity. Thou art a heartless bitch.” The above quotes are just a few of my favorites from Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory, my favorite and possible only show on television. Those of you may already know that


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