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  • Solana Beach
    Feeling Nostalgic? A Look Back at the 1960s

    Millenials have grown up entirely on the Internet and video and computer gaming. I remember when my two sons were two years old, they were playing computer learning games for toddlers. And they were watching me play Beyond Dark Castle on my old Mac SE.

  • workaholic
    Retro Enthusiast: What Does It Mean To Be One?

    Retro Enthusiast? Yes, search this term on Google, but I do believe an official definition doesn’t exist. I may have been in self-denial all these years, but the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced I’m a Retro Enthusiast. It’s true that the retro style can be

  • the 1990s
    How Much Did it Cost in the 1990s?

    How Much Did It Cost in the 1990s? A very good question, as we investigate just how much things cost back then, compared to now. First off, this is part of a continuing series, and we’ve already covered the following decades: So, let’s take a look at the next

  • 1980s
    How Much Did It Cost in the 1980s?

    How Much Did It Cost in the 1980s? Below, you can view statistics that compare price in the 1980s with current prices today, but first let’s backtrack to the culture and events of 1985. 1985 was a good year, not just to document the differences in the cost of

  • How Much Did It Cost in the 1970s?

    This article explores the prices of gasoline, a house, milk, eggs and a movie ticket between the years 1975 and 2012. The stats are fairly mind blowing.

  • Weather Report
    CD Review: Weather Report – Heavy Weather

    First off, I have always considered the name “Weather Report” to be an excellent choice for a jazz-fusion group. That said, the name itself implies everything from a serene sunday afternoon with blue skies to a tempestuous thunderstorm complete with lightning and pounding rain. And to me the actual jazz group DOES live up to its name.


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