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    Social Media. Selfies. Privacy. Remaining Mysterious…

    Once again, more and more people are sharing their lives online in the form of selfies, photos, videos (especially Facebook with it’s ‘live video’ thingy. On the surface, it’s a good thing, right? But, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and contemplating about the dark side of social

  • Web
    The Internet, Fact Checking and Identifying Fake News Sites

    The Internet, Fact Checking and Identifying Fake News Sites No doubt, Facebook has been on a mission to stamp out and reject the proliferation of Fake News on the social networking website. It’s just a sad truth that we have to even vet and fact check the news these

  • randomguru carlos rull
    Selfies, and Other Social Media Stories

    These days, I don’t like to take selfies of myself. For one, the camera puts on an extra 10 lbs., no? And I never considered myself a photogenic chap to begin with. I’m getting old, folks! I’m pushing 60 years old! Any compliments, like I look much younger than

  • Pinterest Social Media
    Social Media: Rekindling My Interest in #Pinterest

    My Sudden Love For Pinterest I’ve been on Pinterest a few years now, but I’ve never really opened-up-to-it until this month, when I suddenly realized there were a few reasons to appreciate it even more. 3 Reasons to Love Pinterest Visually Stunning! There’s no doubt that many will find

  • Facebook Sign
    Popular Hashtags for Each Day of the Week

    Here’s a compilation of popular hashtags used on Facebook and other social media sites. Sunday #SelfieSunday #SundayFunDay #SpiritualSunday Monday #MusicMonday #MeatlessMonday #MotivationMonday #MotivationalMonday #MondayBlues #ManicMonday #MeditationMonday #MemorabiliaMonday Tuesday #TransformationTuesday #TravelTuesday #TakeMeBackTuesday Wednesday #WellnessWednesday #WayBackWednesday #WednesdayWisdom #HumpDay Thursday #ThrowbackThursday #tbt Friday #FlashbackFriday #fbf #FridayNight #FitnessFriday #FoodFriday Saturday #SaturdaySwag #SaturdayNight If

  • Achieving Zen in the Social Media World

    I was recently curious about any guidelines for posting status updates in today’s social media world. In particular, the use of #hashtags. But also, posting with mindfulness and sincerity. I came upon this one Mashable article, An Unofficial Guide for #ThrowbackThursday Etiquette. Another area of posting in the Social


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