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  • Buddha Morning
    Live Blogging: Wednesday, August 2, 2017

    I thought about live blogging again this morning, but only for one hour. I must confess that this ‘live blogging’ business is kind of time consuming, yet also fun. But one hour is good enough to keep things going.

    Also, I’m thinking about live blogging in general, and not just the stock market but whatever comes to mind and whatever is on this morning’s newsfeed.

  • Garden
    The Children Interrupt a Serious BBC Interview. LOL

    Children Interrupt BBC Interview It’s hard to be serious when you’ve got toddlers and a baby in a walker video bombing your BBC Interview. The poor guy was in serious mode, and tried to push the little ones aside while doing the interview. Hey, these things happen when you’ve

  • Python Snake
    Escaped #Python Kills Two Children in Canada

    I am utterly shocked that a large 99 lb. Python, about 16 feet long, escaped from it’s enclosure in a pet store and killed two young boys. Apparently, the boys were killed during an overnight sleepover with a family who owned the pet store. The boys slept upstairs while

  • shark great white
    #SharkWeek at Discovery Channel, Not a Good Week to be a Seal

    Incidentally, Shark Week coincides with Geek Week on YouTube. Hmm… Not one of my favorites weeks, I’ll admit, but Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is something that has interested me for quite some time. I love to swim in the ocean but, I’m also afraid of sharks. And

  • CNN Logo
    Cleveland Kidnap Victims Finally Speak and Give Thanks

    The Cleveland Kidnap victims finally speak through the media, and show an upbeat, positive spirit… and are ready to move on with their lives. These young ladies, who were kidnapped by that monster who held them captive for as long as 10 years, continually raped and beat them, and


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