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  • Running Log: 3 Mile Run, 5 Miles Total, Kind of Tough

    The last run was on Monday. Had two days to rest my sore knees. Today felt okay. I was able to run continuously for 3 miles. It was kind of tough, though the slightly sore knees seemed to vanish after the second mile. No problems with the calf muscles,

  • Running Log: 3.25 Mile Run, 5 Miles Total

    Had a nice 3.25 mile run around the lake earlier today. With a total of 1.75 miles walking. Last run was on Friday, 5.25 miles. 1.75 miles walking. Total of 7 miles. Was going to run Sunday, but felt extra sore around the knees so I took another day

  • Running Log: 5.25 Mile Run, 7 Miles Total, Plus 3 Hour Gig

    Yesterday was a pretty action-packed day for me. I did my run around the lake, and this time my wife accompanied me and walked all the way around the lake as well. So, basically I accomplished what I had set out to do, and that was to run my

  • Running Log: 4 Miles, 5 Total “Here Comes The Heat!”

    Brutal heat today! Advice to myself: Check the current temperature before embarking on a midday run around the lake! Although the temp after the run said 75F, it seriously felt like at least 80F. I did well, though! It felt good overall, and I didn’t have any aches or

  • In Search of the Elusive Six Pack

    The Search Begins… I sometimes wonder, is there hope for someone like me, to finally get into top physical shape and even to have “six pack” abs of steel? Abs at 51? I think it’s doubtful, folks, but why not entertain the idea that if I worked hard for


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