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  • Hiking Notes: The Journey and Not The Destination

    Lots of people hike. You could say it’s nothing special, and no different than walking around the neighborhood, or walking around at the mall. To me, though, it’s another form of meditation. And there is walking meditation, so I think that is one of the enjoyments of hiking out

  • Hiking Trails: Mount Rubidoux – Riverside, California [Photos]

    MT. RUBIDOUX IS A LARGE HILL that ascends 500 feet above the City of Riverside, California. By the way, I was always wondering what the difference was between a “hill” and a “mountain”. Most sources say that a mountain has a minimum elevation of 2,000 feet above sea level.

  • Miramar Lake
    Early Morning Walk and Jog Around Lake Miramar

    TODAY WAS A GREAT WALK/JOG around the lake for me. For one, I had the energy to easily go around the lake, and walking so early in the morning on a Sunday is REALLY a pleasurable experience! I will try my best to walk up that early every Sunday.

  • Random Notes: Fahrenheit Friday Edition

    It’s a freakishly HOT day in San Diego, and it’s been HOT this whole week. The forecast for the weekend will be lower temperatures, as a cooling trend appears to be on the horizon. NOTE: The photo to the right is that of supermodel and yogini Christy Turlington, on


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