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  • Hiking Trails: Discovering a Secret Place on Mt. Rubidoux

    Every week I try to hike Mt. Rubidoux.

    I hiked it again yesterday, and this time I brought my backpack since I knew the weather was going to be sunny and in the 90s. I needed to use the water reservoir for a convenient supply of cool water.

  • Diamond Head
    Hiking Trails: The Diamond Head Hike in Oahu

    I hiked this trail a couple of years ago and had a great time! The family and I hiked Diamond Head in mid-August and I have to say this trail was super crowded, and all sorts of hikers from varying degrees of experience made the climb.

  • Andrew Skurka
    Hiking Gear: 12 Essentials, and Stuff That’s Nice to Have!

    I’ve been putting together my list of hiking gear essential to every hiking and backpacking adventure. Like ultimate hiker and adventurer, Andrew Skurka, I’ve been compiling the list on a spreadsheet and keeping a detailed tally of the weight of each item. I’m doing this in ounces as well

  • Hiking and Camping Gear: Rechargeable LED Spotlights

    In my search for hiking gear, I’ve been going to the usual stores and outlets. Perhaps there are obvious choices, but I was looking for some unique and durable items not necessarily found in those places.

    For one, I’ve been searching for a good flashlight that would be dependable for hiking, camping and backpacking trips.

    With so many choices out there, one can find a variety of flashlights at your local hardware stores, or camping and backpacking outlets… well, just about anywhere. But nothing can be more dependable than Rechargeable LED Spotlights.

  • Hiking Notes: Hiking the Lake Poway Trail

    HIKED THE LAKE POWAY TRAIL for the first time between 10am and 12 noon today. I quickly found out this was probably not the best time to go, it was 104 F degrees out there. Even though I had a day pack with cooled gel reservoir the heat was

  • Hiking Notes: Dealing with the Aches and Pains

    Sometimes I really get into it and really push myself when it comes to working out and exercising. It’s important to know when to back off and rest, letting the body heal itself. Because that’s what’s happening when we push ourselves to the maximum. It’s important to avoid injuries


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