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  • Deconstructing The Appetite With Raw Foods

    Although I consider myself a “Raw Vegan” I am still a bit skeptical. But I’m still intent on doing all the research I can on nutrition and trying my best to apply what I’ve learned to my life experience. But so far, I’m pretty convinced that animal products tend

  • Raw Foods vs. Cooked Foods

    I’ve eaten cooked foods most of my life. So, comparing cooked foods to a renewed 80% plus Raw Food Diet is actually quite easy to do. And one can easily compare one’s health and feelings back when one was eating cooked foods to the new raw dietary regimen. You

  • garden leaves
    Dietary Protein and Vegans

    Whenever I get to reading some interesting books, it usually turns out to be some book about diet or lifestyle. And not fiction or some great novel or murder mystery, or even a tale of espionage. Recently I rediscovered a book in my library of books called “Becoming Vegan”.

  • yoga is about non-violence

    I saw a recent article on the web about soldiers doing yoga, and I thought, “wow, there is definitely an irony to this”. Many of us westerners are doing yoga to get in shape, reduce stress, and find an inner peace. But many people don’t realize that doing the

  • Recipe: Vegan Mocha Frapuccino

    This is a very healthy, low-fat alternative to a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino. Save yourself some money and cool off this Summer with this coffee-less “vegan mocha frappuccino”. You will get a serious “brain-freeze” with this… INGREDIENTS 24 – ice cubes 2 – tablespoons of raw organic cocoa powder 2

  • vegan videos

    Quick Note: My myspace schedule is the most accurate right now. Hmm… it’s hard maintaining two different gig schedules… . . . . hungry vegan chubby vegan commercial… yummy! a funny chef… steven the vegan. what is a vegan? …good question!


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