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  • Running Log: 3 Mile Run, 5 Miles Total, Kind of Tough

    The last run was on Monday. Had two days to rest my sore knees. Today felt okay. I was able to run continuously for 3 miles. It was kind of tough, though the slightly sore knees seemed to vanish after the second mile. No problems with the calf muscles,

  • Running Log: 3.25 Mile Run, 5 Miles Total

    Had a nice 3.25 mile run around the lake earlier today. With a total of 1.75 miles walking. Last run was on Friday, 5.25 miles. 1.75 miles walking. Total of 7 miles. Was going to run Sunday, but felt extra sore around the knees so I took another day

  • Running Log: 5.25 Mile Run, 7 Miles Total, Plus 3 Hour Gig

    Yesterday was a pretty action-packed day for me. I did my run around the lake, and this time my wife accompanied me and walked all the way around the lake as well. So, basically I accomplished what I had set out to do, and that was to run my

  • Running Log: 4 Miles, 5 Total “Here Comes The Heat!”

    Brutal heat today! Advice to myself: Check the current temperature before embarking on a midday run around the lake! Although the temp after the run said 75F, it seriously felt like at least 80F. I did well, though! It felt good overall, and I didn’t have any aches or

  • Healthy Activities: I’ve Been A Miner for some Abs of Gold

    If you’ve been reading along here, you are aware that I’m trying to get back into serious shape. I’m committed to finally getting into the best shape possible. And that means getting back to my 31 inch waistline and working to finally get the “6-pack” abs going. They say


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