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  • Raw Foods: Back To Cilantro Live!

    If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian. —-Paul McCartney I wrote about Cilantro Live! before (see: Dining At Cilantro Live!) when I went there by myself for the first time to check it out. This time my wife took me, this time for a proper lunch

  • Dining at Cilantro Live!

    Today I dined at Cilantro Live! for lunch. A friend had recommended this restaurant to me, and I thought I’d give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised that a raw food restaurant existed in the general area. Cilantro Live! is an organic raw vegan restaurant in Chula Vista.

  • daily meditation

    In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Our life is a long and arduous quest after Truth. —mahatma gandhi . . . . I’m trying to be good at setting aside

  • Raw Foods: The Grand Experiment

    This mission of being a raw foods vegan is a big experiment for me. I don’t mean to come across as being a preacher of veganism, because in the end, life is like a great big experiment. You try things out and see if they fit your needs. And


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