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  • Beyond Meat: The Beast Burger – 100% Plant Protein

    The Beast Burger by Beyond Meat I was going to write a review of the Beast Burger by Beyond Meat, but Anji and Ryan of Happy Healthy Vegan had beat me to it with a nice video review! Beyond Meat Beast Burger Review (With Chao Cheese) And like Anji

  • Raw Vegan Diet
    Raw Vegan Diet: Exploring its Benefits on Wellness Wednesday

    Transitioning Back to a Raw Vegan Diet Those who have been reading my blog posts know that I’ve been a Vegan since January 1, 2015. Actually, I was transitioning right after Christmas Day, but I wanted to make the first day of the year my official starting point. I

  • Cacao Smoothie
    Just a Spoonful of Maca Helps the Medicine Go Down!

    Happy Transformation Tuesday, everyone! During my ritual of making that morning smoothie, I was thinking about how I am continually in transformation mode. Many people my age would just let it all go. But I believe there is an open door to transformation at any age. “One of the

  • simple hash browns
    Simple Hash Browns in a Cast Iron Skillet

    Kids Can Make This! Here is an easy and simple hash browns recipe that I enjoy making almost everyday for breakfast, but you can cook this up any time of day. Seriously, this is really easy to make. A kid could do this, although adult supervision would be essential.

  • vegan curry tofu scramble
    3 Popular Vegan Blogs That Prove You’re Not Alone

    Are you the only Vegan in your neighborhood? Perhaps you feel you’re the only Vegan within a 100 mile radius. I feel the same way sometimes. Being a Vegan can seem like a lonely affair. But trust me… You are not alone… On the contrary. More and more people


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