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  • Random Random: Grammy’s, Vegans and Downton Abbey

    I have a confession to make: My latest “obsession” has been Downton Abbey. So, as it stands, two tv shows destined to be my two all-time favorite shows of all-time is looking to be The Big Bang Theory and Downton Abbey. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t watch much

  • Yoga
    [Random Notes] On Yoga, Vegan Diets and Raw Foods

    I “officially” made public my goals to practice Yoga daily and eat a raw/vegan diet. My intentions are sincere. And, my reasoning for once again adopting a raw/vegan diet is: 1. To be kind and respectful to animals by not eating them, and to not be indirectly responsible for

  • Raw Foods
    An Essay On Veganist Thinking

    Definition: Veganist ~ A vegan activist, one who is actively involved in their role as a vegan and who campaigns for change regarding animal rights and vegan issues. I never really heard of the word “veganist” before, but I was doing a Google search and came upon this website.

  • raw foods
    The Zen and the Art of Vegan Sushi

    Vegan Sushi No. 2 Photo by randomguru I recently received a nice comment about this photo. This is a good example of vegan sushi; a simple combination of avocado and cucumber surrounded by vinegared sushi rice wrapped in a nori sheet. This is Zen simplicity. Other components of this

  • garden leaves
    Dietary Protein and Vegans

    Whenever I get to reading some interesting books, it usually turns out to be some book about diet or lifestyle. And not fiction or some great novel or murder mystery, or even a tale of espionage. Recently I rediscovered a book in my library of books called “Becoming Vegan”.

  • Recipe: Vegan Mocha Frapuccino

    This is a very healthy, low-fat alternative to a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino. Save yourself some money and cool off this Summer with this coffee-less “vegan mocha frappuccino”. You will get a serious “brain-freeze” with this… INGREDIENTS 24 – ice cubes 2 – tablespoons of raw organic cocoa powder 2


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