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    What Can Be Gained By the Practice of Yoga?

    Some of us yogis and yoginis were chatting after Yoga class about the benefits of practicing Yoga for years. Of course, I’ve been practicing for years on my own and it probably translates onto the yoga mat, but I feel like I am the perpetual student, as with each Yoga sequence you learn something new about yourself; your body, mind and soul.

  • Gautama Buddha
    Gentle Yoga: Most Underrated Style of Yoga

    In the last several weeks I’ve been struggle with upper back pain somewhere between the shoulder blades.

    I’ve been doing various things to remedy the backache, like applying Salonpas patches, taking an epsom salt bath,
    various Yoga poses at home, and even massage.

  • Maybe Veganism is the True Spiritual Diet?

    Veganism feels like a more compassionate, spiritually inclined practice, and I think it goes well (and compliments) Yoga practice, or the practice of Yoga as a spiritual discipline.

    When you’re practicing a diet of not eating animals, I feel one becomes more compassionate and sensitive to the animals and their plight of having to be raised for food and slaughtered in the end.

  • Serene Sunday
    Self Meditation, Self Medication

    i wanted to talk a little bit about meditation…

    i think that when you do something as simple as drinking some wine or a beer, you are trying to reach a state of mind that is alternative to what you’re normally thinking.

    maybe, you are looking for an escape, maybe you’re just interested in changing your mood.

  • Thoughts on Meditation, Yoga and Emptying the Mind

    a lady at yoga class confessed that she was thinking constantly about things during the session… when yoga was supposed to calm her mind and help her focus.

    to be honest, i was perplexed. but i think that is because people approach yoga with a western mindset.

  • Guru and Disciple
    Yoga Encompasses More Than Just Physical Postures

    This morning I did a very nice yoga routine at home, combined what I’ve been doing in Yoga class with my usual routines at home. i’ve learned that my home practice is very much based on a foundation of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) and is more of a Power Yoga routine than the classes I take at the YMCA. So, my home practice is a bit faster pace.


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