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  • Ali Kamenova: Excellent Yoga Teacher and Yogini

    I like this Yoga Routine a lot… it’s by Ali Kamenova and she’s amazing.

    I’m just getting back into Yoga after a few years hiatus.

    I used to practice daily, and have a desire to get back into it once again on a daily basis.

  • Yoga Inspiration from Christy Turlington Burns

    I’ve been re-inspired to do Yoga again, specifically the Asanas (physical postures).

    I’ve already been practicing other limbs of Yoga, like Pranayama, for instance. And, I already consider the performance of Music to be a form of Dharana (concentration on a fixed point).

  • Yoga, Meditation? Perhaps You Already Have that State of Mind?

    Yoga, Meditation? Perhaps You Already Have that State of Mind? Self inquiry is a bigger thing than we might expect. People practice Yoga and Meditation to improve their physical and mental well-being, respectively. But what if we’ve already reached that state-of-mind? How would we know? For Yogis, Samadhi is

  • Donald Trump
    Lies, Lies, Lies… Yeah…

    In Yoga, one of the important eight limbs of this practice is Yama, the moral and ethical practices. An important part of Yama is Satya, the practice of truthfulness. Now, with this new presidency, we’ve been hearing a LOT of new terms being thrown around. For one fake news,


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