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  • Z-Star Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

    I also wrote about this juicer over here. So far I’m like the Z-Star Manual Wheatgrass Juicer very much. It’s manual so I don’t use any electricity at all, a big plus for all you green, sustainable living folks. But, it’s very easy to use and the hand crank

  • 8 Ways to Save Water Right Now

    Today is World Water Day. It’s a day that allows us to appreciate the importance of fresh water; for drinking, bathing and other necessities. National Geographic noted that only 2.5% of Earth’s water supply is fresh and drinkable and fit for human consumption, but out of that 2.5 percent,

  • garden daisies
    Composting: 3 Reasons Why You Should Create Your Own Compost

    Turning Waste Into Something Useful If you’re looking for a basic guide to composting, here’s a nice article: Composting 101: The Basics of Composting Simply put, I’ve been taking lawn clippings, fallen leaves and cuttings, vegetable refuse from the kitchen, coffee grounds from Starbucks, and spent flowers; and placing

  • live in the actual moment
    Garden Update: Zen and the Art of Garden Maintenance

    My dream to turn my backyard garden into something similar to the SRF Meditation Gardens in Encinitas, CA is still a work in progress. But I keep working on it, despite a lack of time and money. Little by little, I think I can realize something simliar in another

  • Organic Gardening: Tips On How To Manage Your Compost Pile

    At the beginning of May I posted an article about composting and gardening that generated some interest called Composting and Organic Gardening Checklist for Spring. Since I had piqued my own interest on the subject of organic gardening again, I decided to go with that cue and share more

  • More On Composting and Sustainable Living

    I was thinking of “actual” ways to really practice sustainable living at home. From an organic gardeners perspective, composting is one of the best ways to practice sustainable living. Repeat This Mantra Sustainable living is a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth’s


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