In My Mind's Zen Garden
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    Starting Early in the Garden

    I’ve been getting started with the garden again.

    It’s January in San Diego and the sun has been shining after we experienced three storm systems that dumped lots of water into the ground.

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    Creating Compost in Less Than 2 Weeks!

    Analyzing the Old System For years I’ve had a compost pile in a back corner of my garden. I just threw most of my kitchen scraps out and worked them into the pile. Rats and other critters had been getting into the pile, no matter how deep I buried

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    Building A New Compost Tea Brewer

    A Design Flaw Basically, after several weeks of using a compost tea brewer copied from one of the videos on YouTube, I discovered that there’s an inherent design flaw in the bucket approach. Here’s my compost tea brewer below, which was working superbly for several weeks, but the weak

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    My Rose Garden Welcomes the Rain!

    Boy, I timed this one perfectly. It’s now raining in San Diego, and I deliberately held back watering the roses since 3/30. I have a drip irrigation going but it’s not timed. Given the extreme drought conditions we’ve had in California, managing water is essential. And what’s sad is

  • In the Zen Garden
    Shaping, Pruning, Sculpting

    Regarding the Zen Garden, most of my work right now consists of pruning, sculpting and shaping trees and shrubs. I have established shrubs and trees that need no watering, but they do need pruning because their growth is now pretty prolific. We have four Queen Palms that are fully

  • Hybrid Tea Rose
    Meditative Calm in the Zen Garden .:.

    Here’s my beginning-of-April update on the garden. My goals have always been to create a beautiful, functional garden ideal for meditation. Every year it gets closer to my ideals of what that garden should be. I know people who have beautiful gardens with lots of flowering and fruiting shrubs


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