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    Neglecting the Garden and Roses

    I’ve been neglecting the garden lately. That is why I haven’t posted photos in quite awhile.

    I used to have some beautiful rose bushes and just do a search on this site to find the best of the blooms, but right now it’s Autumn and the roses aren’t doing well at all.

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    The Latest from the Garden: April 2017

    The Latest from the Garden: April 2017 Here are the latest photos from the rose garden. I’m getting a few more strong flowers compared to last year when there was more of a drought in San Diego. The current method this year: Fertilizing with Dr. Earth’s Organic Rose and

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    Meditative Gardening as a Goal Toward Peace

    Meditative Gardening as a Goal Toward Peace I’ve been working hard in the garden over the past several weeks, now that the weather is nicer and Spring is here. I have a lot of work to do, and will have to hire a gardener or two to pull weeds

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    Starting Early in the Garden

    I’ve been getting started with the garden again.

    It’s January in San Diego and the sun has been shining after we experienced three storm systems that dumped lots of water into the ground.

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    Creating Compost in Less Than 2 Weeks!

    Analyzing the Old System For years I’ve had a compost pile in a back corner of my garden. I just threw most of my kitchen scraps out and worked them into the pile. Rats and other critters had been getting into the pile, no matter how deep I buried

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    Building A New Compost Tea Brewer

    A Design Flaw Basically, after several weeks of using a compost tea brewer copied from one of the videos on YouTube, I discovered that there’s an inherent design flaw in the bucket approach. Here’s my compost tea brewer below, which was working superbly for several weeks, but the weak


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