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    Starting Early in the Garden

    I’ve been getting started with the garden again.

    It’s January in San Diego and the sun has been shining after we experienced three storm systems that dumped lots of water into the ground.

  • Organic Gardening: Reviewing What Methods Work

    The following are a few Organic Gardening methods that have worked, based on personal experience. In other words, so far these methods seem to work very well. And the results are apparent. There are a lot of skeptics over the whole Organic Gardening and Organic Foods realm. But I

  • Harvesting Lettuce in the Garden

    Just another quick update on the Square Foot Garden. The lettuce has taken off! So far I’ve harvested the lettuce the past couple of days, and it looks like I’ll be able to do this on a daily basis for awhile. And a few of the rose bushes have

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    6 Compelling Reasons to Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables

    Some people are very skeptical about the benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables. I must admit, the time and effort to grow your own produce, as opposed to the convenience of simply buying produce from the grocery store, makes it seem like it’s not worth that effort.

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    Square Foot Gardening Update: Second Week of October

    Just a quick update on the Square Foot Garden for the second week of October. I haven’t been very active with blogging, but I’ve been very active in other things like gardening, planting roses, recording music and practicing piano, not to mention getting back into Yoga. So, here are

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    My New Project: Cool Season Vegetables & #SquareFootGardening

    This week’s project has been to set up a Square Foot Garden; a 4’x4′ raised bed to plant vegetables. I know what some of you are thinking… is it really worth the time and effort to grow your own vegetables in the home garden? First off, from my experience


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