In My Mind's Zen Garden
  • Selected Highlights from the Zen Garden: April 2010

    Many philosophers note that the only thing permanent IS change. And with that said, I feel this blog is going to change directions somewhat, to posts that cover sustainable living, organic gardening, composting and other topics related to the concept of green living. Here are some highlights paving the

  • Gardening Notes for Growing Cymbidium Orchids

    First off, I wish to make it clear that I’m by no means, whatsoever, an expert Orchid grower, so whatever success I have had this year has been pretty much sheer luck, and my experiences with orchids in the past have been haphazard and frustrating at best. Needless to

  • Composting and Organic Gardening Checklist For Spring

    A few years ago I wrote a post called Compost: A Key Ingredient To Gardening Success. Well, in this post I’m going to share more of my thoughts and experiences with making compost. The Garden Now And A Year Ago The photos above are in the backyard garden taken

  • It’s A Jungle Out There!

    “I have a garden of my own, But so with roses overgrown, And lilies, that you would it guess To be a little wilderness.” —Andrew Marvell Below is the backyard garden. After all the rains, it has become rather lush, but a definite jungle out there! It is time

  • Spring Gardening and Starbucks Coffee Grounds

    Every once-in-a-while I’ll go to the local Starbucks Coffee Shop and grab a bag or two of coffee grounds. Normally, Starbucks has a huge bucket of grounds in silvery bags for gardeners to take home, free of charge. Some of the best things in Life are FREE, and this

  • Sunday in the Garden

    “The best place to seek God is in the garden… you can dig for Him there.” —George Bernard Shaw One of my favorite gardening quotes always reminds me just how peaceful and serene it can be to do some gardening on a bright, sunny day. As long as it’s


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