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  • Rose Garden
    My Rose Garden Welcomes the Rain!

    Boy, I timed this one perfectly. It’s now raining in San Diego, and I deliberately held back watering the roses since 3/30. I have a drip irrigation going but it’s not timed. Given the extreme drought conditions we’ve had in California, managing water is essential. And what’s sad is

  • In the Zen Garden
    Shaping, Pruning, Sculpting

    Regarding the Zen Garden, most of my work right now consists of pruning, sculpting and shaping trees and shrubs. I have established shrubs and trees that need no watering, but they do need pruning because their growth is now pretty prolific. We have four Queen Palms that are fully

  • Hybrid Tea Rose
    Meditative Calm in the Zen Garden .:.

    Here’s my beginning-of-April update on the garden. My goals have always been to create a beautiful, functional garden ideal for meditation. Every year it gets closer to my ideals of what that garden should be. I know people who have beautiful gardens with lots of flowering and fruiting shrubs

  • rose gardening
    My Vortex Brewer® for Compost Tea

    Stephen Storch is the inventor of the Vortex Brewer®. You can visit his website here. The Old System My old Compost Tea brewing system simply consisted of the standard Home Depot bucket with an aquarium pump and an air stone. I used a micro-meshed worm bag to place the

  • Serene Sunday
    The Microcosm of Soil

    As I press forth in my efforts to learn all I can about Roses and plants in general, I’m amazed at this whole microcosm of tiny creatures living in the soil in which these plants grow. The Soil is a living breathing entity onto itself, full of bacteria, fungi

  • life is beautiful
    Compost Tea

    My Basic Recipe 3 gallons – Water (dechlorinated) 2 cups – Compost (in a filtered mesh bag) 1 capful – Fish Emulsion 2 tbsp – Raw Organic Sugar 2 tbsp – Kelp Extract Brew with a 20 gallon air pump and air stone for 24 hours. Using Compost Tea


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