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    The Latest from the Garden: April 2017

    The Latest from the Garden: April 2017 Here are the latest photos from the rose garden. I’m getting a few more strong flowers compared to last year when there was more of a drought in San Diego. The current method this year: Fertilizing with Dr. Earth’s Organic Rose and

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    My Rose Garden Welcomes the Rain!

    Boy, I timed this one perfectly. It’s now raining in San Diego, and I deliberately held back watering the roses since 3/30. I have a drip irrigation going but it’s not timed. Given the extreme drought conditions we’ve had in California, managing water is essential. And what’s sad is

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    Meditative Calm in the Zen Garden .:.

    Here’s my beginning-of-April update on the garden. My goals have always been to create a beautiful, functional garden ideal for meditation. Every year it gets closer to my ideals of what that garden should be. I know people who have beautiful gardens with lots of flowering and fruiting shrubs

  • Serene Sunday
    The Microcosm of Soil

    As I press forth in my efforts to learn all I can about Roses and plants in general, I’m amazed at this whole microcosm of tiny creatures living in the soil in which these plants grow. The Soil is a living breathing entity onto itself, full of bacteria, fungi

  • More Lessons on How To Water Roses

    Quite a few resources on the internet are mentioning how easy it is to care for roses. I think that’s true to some extent. But, to maximize blooms one has to get a bit more serious about caring for roses.

  • Lessons in Watering Roses

    In the grand scheme of gardening, I think the big challenge for me is watering the roses. In the past I’ve inadvertently killed rose bushes because of over-watering (or under-watering). I now know this because a tell tale sign of over-watering is the sudden appearance of yellow leaves. But


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