Monday, September 10, 2018: 115F Is Like Baking In An Oven!

DOW +110.68—-NASDAQ +17.11—-SP500 -6.37—-NYSE +64.65

Portfolio Leaders: ISRG, CAT, AEO
Portfolio Laggards: AMZN, BA, AAPL

For the most part, stocks opened in the green this morning. But, the markets have been quite turbulent in September, most likely because of September Swoon and more Trade Tariffs, particularly against China.

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Thursday, June 12, 2018: Stock Market Set to Bounce Back from Yesterday

DOW +126.99—-NASDAQ +30.77—-SP500 +14.32—-NYSE +70.19

Portfolio Leaders: SHOP, ISRG, AAPL
Portfolio Laggards: NFLX, BGS, WWE

Within half an hour after the opening bell, market indexes are in the green so far with a strong opening after a day in the red.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018: Nice Two Day Summer Rally, Stocks and Weather Are Hot!

DOW +143.07—-NASDAQ +3.00—-SP500 +9.67—-NYSE +37.71

Portfolio Winners: BA, T, V
Portfolio Losers: STOR, BGS, WWE

I bought new stocks, and I’m not surprised that they were today’s losers. We have had a great 2 day Summer rally and are we worried about tomorrow? Not me.

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